Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dirty Dirty Dash

On Saturday, we ran the 10K Dirty Dash in Soilder Hollow. Our team was called "The Jiggy Piggy's." Sam was the "Boss hog" because he was one out of two guys on our team vs. ten women. They all work with Sam so it was fun to see them try to dunk him in the muddy pits and throw mud at him. It was pretty much impossible to stay clean. Some of the obstacles were hard. They had bales of hay to climb, walls to climb over, pipes to climb in, a huge pond full of mud to trek in, and a big spider rope wall to climb. The best part was the HUGE slip and slide at the end. We raced each other to the bottom, and Sam won with a price. He went head first down the slide and has a very sore chest and arm from landing on the mound of mud at the bottom! This was the funnest race I have ever done and plan to do it again and again!

Team Jiggy Piggy's with our Zumba skirts-We sounded like Jingle Bells as we were running

Before the race-I thought I could protect my hair with the bandana and my legs with the long socks-BIG mistake! Nothing was protected from the mud! Nothing!

After the race-Wish we could have gotten pics during the race, but didn't want to chance ruining any cameras

On the drive home after we got sprayed off. We had the Jeep top off, so all of us girls hair was crazy and super stiff from the mud leftovers. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday!!!

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